Wagner Joins Tire Rack SCCA National Solo Program

TOPEKA, Kan. (January 20, 2011) – Sports Car Club of America, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Heyward Wagner to the position of Communications Manager for the Tire Rack National Solo Program.

Wagner, of Oakland, Calif., is returning to the position he held in 2002. Since that time, he has worked in automotive marketing as well as served as the Solo Chairman for the Atlanta Region, the Solo Steward for the Southeast Division and as the Chief of Announcers for the Tire Rack Solo Nationals.

Heyward will team with SCCA Vice President, Rally Solo, and Program Development Howard Duncan, as well as the National Staff, and the National Solo Field Staff to execute a strategic communications plan and overhaul the program’s web presence and information delivery methods. The communications plan will rely heavily on social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter, and a more developed monthly SoloMatters e-newsletter that will augment event reports and other news distributed by the National Staff.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to give back to the Solo Community,” Wagner said. “I am excited to take on the project of bringing the Tire Rack National Solo program, as well as the entire Solo program, to the next level.”

“Heyward will bring a voice to our Solo communications that is reflective of the Community and the essence of the sport, based on his experience as a top-notch competitor and event organizer,” Duncan said. “As a participant, he has always believed that the sport should be, first and foremost, fun. I am confident that the Solo Community will step up to assist him in this effort.”

The communications plan will encompass the entire Tire Rack National Solo program (Divisional Championships, Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Tour, Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo Series and National Championship events), with a new focus on telling the stories of the competition, camaraderie and communities that make these events unique. The goals are to improve communications with current participants, drive participation at future events, and to keep the general Solo Community better informed.

Wagner intends to rely heavily upon Solo Community members for event coverage, photography and feature stories, and those interested in contributing should contact Wagner at solomatters@SCCA.org.

Follow SoloMatters on twitter @SoloMatters or search SoloMatters (one word) to “like” it on Facebook and follow the news at all Solo events.

More information on the Tire Rack SCCA Solo programs are available at www.scca.com/solo.

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