Motorsport and TV personality Tom Hnatiw joins forces with the North American Road Racing Association and its US GT Championship.

Tom Hnatiw (pronounced Nat-choo) will act as ambassador for NARRA’s
newly created US GT Championship, Whelen TimeTrial Championship and
the US Performance Driver Education program.

Hnatiw will also produce web broadcasts for the new US GT Championship,
five of which will be shot exclusively with GoPro Cameras.

He will continue to produce and host coverage of the Dodge Viper Cup on the
Versus network.

The former voice of World Challenge and host of Speed Channel’s Dream Car Garage and Sports Car Revolution, Tom Hnatiw is one of North America’s most recognized television ‘car guys’.

Commenting on the announcement Tom Hnatiw said;

“I am thrilled to be apart of what I consider to be a new era of North American motorsport.”

The NARRA organization has had an excellent track record over the last 18 years and they are committed to making their three new programs- the USGTC, USTTC and USPDE- the most user friendly and easy to run in. Not to mention, a hell of a lot of fun.

The US GT Championship particularly excites me because until now there has been nowhere for a two year old (Porsche) Cup Car, IMSA, American Le Mans, Grand-Am or World Challenge car to run.

We’re going to see exciting grids of GT class racing cars including Vipers, Porsches, Lambos (Lamborghinis), Ferraris, Corvettes, BMWs- you name it.

And we believe to have the first full scale TV style broadcasts of all that action direct to the web on a North American motorsports first.”

Tom Antonelli, NARRA’s Chief Executive Officer and US GT Championship competitor added;

“Tom Hnatiw brings much more than one of North America’s most recognizable motorsport voices to North American Road Racing Association.

With a thirty year career in motorsports as a driver, team owner, series organizer, television producer and broadcaster, he brings a wealth of knowledge and repute.

To have the calibre of person such as Tom Hnatiw gives NARRA’s new series (US GT Championship, Whelen US TimeTrial Championship and US Performance Driver Education program) substantial clout amongst the industry, with competitors, fans and media alike.”

John Tober, NARRA Chairman, sees the addition of Tom Hnatiw “as a continuation of NARRA’s plans to expand into grassroots programs; making motorsports education and racing assessable, while developing a solid business model based on cost effective motorsports content for fans and sponsors.”

About Tom Hnatiw:

A passionate motorsports enthusiast and self proclaimed ‘car guy’, Tom Hnatiw (pronounced Nat-choo) is a popular writer, broadcaster, producer, and television show host. Hnatiw has one of the most recognizable voices in motorsport, having announced races for just about every road racing series going.

His 30 year motorsport career has spanned many roles including championship winning driver (1998 Canadian champion with co-driver Al Ayre in a GT Mustang), championship winning team owner and series organizer (Firestone Firehawk Endurance Championship and North American Super Touring Championship).

Most recently Hnatiw has served as a producer and host of World Challenge sports car series and the Viper Cup Series on Versus. He was also the host of Speed Channel’s Dream Car Garage broadcast throughout the United States and Canada.

Tom Hnatiw heads the Internal Combustion Group specializing in motorsport and automotive television content, programming, production and broadcasting.

About the North American Road Racing Association:

The North American Road Racing Association (NARRA) is the sanctioning body of the USGT Championship, Whelen US TT Championship, US PDE, Viper Days and the Dodge Viper Cup. NARRA develops, sanctions and operates multi-class and spec racing series for car clubs and OEM manufacturers.

NARRA driver education programs allow drivers to progress through the ranks of motorsports from beginner to pro. For over 18 years NARRA has catered to Dodge Vipers as well as other high performance and exotic marques and now welcome all sports car enthusiasts and GT racers.

NARRA is known for its competition, sportsmanship and camaraderie. It’s where the biggest rivalries on the track are only matched by greatest friends off the track. Each event features a social hour and banquet.

Our US Performance Driving Education program is a unique and leading driving school catering to owners of all marques of sports cars. We attract a diverse, fun group of participants, who are placed in run groups with drivers of similar skills and experience. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced driver the guidance of our experienced in-car instructors, as well as, informative classroom sessions will maximize your learning experience.

The Whelen US TimeTrial Championship offers solo time based competition for advanced solo drivers and racers seeking the ultimate lapping experience against similar powered cars, with bragging rights and unmatched contingencies up for grabs.

If you’re looking for action packed, wheel-to-wheel racing the US GT Championship is open to all GT sports cars and has sent alumni to SCCA World Challenge, Grand-Am, and the American Le Mans Series.

And if you’re ready to step-up to full blown prime-time televised pro racing, the Dodge Viper Cup is arguably the best value pro series around with factory backing and prize money. Visit the official website at

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