Greg Stanfield comes up 0.67 seconds short in the Finals of the Kragen O’Reilly NHRA Winternationals!

Team Safety Sentry Motorsports Greg Stanfield pulled into the parking lot of the 51st annual Kragen O’Reilly NHRA Winternationals with high emotions. 2011 finds Greg in the shoes that he likes to wear, Championship contender. The Four Time Super Stock World Champion knows what it is like to win and the move to Pro Stock has been a positive growing experience for this racer. With the taste of the 2010 Mac Tools U.S. Nationals win still lingering, Greg wants it. The drivers and their Teams were excited to see Pomona, California but the weather was not adding to their excitement. The forecast… rain and lots of it.

Thursday’s only qualifying session ended with 2010’s number one and number two Pro Stock finisher’s on the line together. Greg Stanfield ran a 6.562 and 210.77 mph for the third fastest qualifying time. Greg Anderson comes out with the fifth fastest. With fast times, both Greg’s were showing that last year’s finishes were going to be relived throughout the 2011 year to come!

The weather in Southern California on Friday was as expected, totally wet with a combination of sleet, hail and rain that brought down the curtain for the days activities at the track. Even with the unfortunate weather and lack of track time, Team Safety Sentry Motorsports looked forward to Saturday’s prospects and a good day of qualifying ahead!

Saturday brought a cool 58 degrees and great race conditions! Qualifying Round 2 saw Greg come up a bit short of his previous time with a 6.591 and 209.46 mph. At days end, Team Safety Sentry Motorsports held the fifth fastest overall time and looked forward to Sunday’s Race Day and the upcoming Elimination Rounds. With the Team only a few weeks in existence, Team Safety Sentry Motorsports immediately proved that with experienced high-quality people at the helm, a great driver, and a phenomenal sponsor that everything can come together quickly. Bring on Sunday!

As the Team opened the transporter doors for Sunday’s Race Day, the sun shining above, brought about a feeling of elation. A dry track and cool weather will make for great racing conditions. The Team rolled out the car as the crowds of fans filled the pit areas. The excitement in the faces of the young fans brought smiles throughout the Team’s transporter as the 2011 Season was ready to see its first winners arise.

Greg Stanfield chooses the left lane for his first Elimination Round against the 2011 Rookie of the Year contestant, Buddy Perkinson. Greg launches off of the line first with a 0.020 Reaction Time and never looks back as he storms down the track at 211.43 mph and a 6.566 Elapsed Time! The first Round Win is under the Team Safety Sentry Motorsports belt!

Elimination Round #2 brought Ron Krisher, who had earlier defeated Rodger Brogdon with a 6.533 ET and 212.06 mph, a bit quicker and faster than Greg had defeated Buddy Perkinson, to the line against the Team Safety Sentry Motorsports Pontiac GXP. Greg lined up in the right lane and pulled the car into staging. Greg used a great Reaction Time off of the line with a phenomenal 0.016 and lead to victory with a 6.561 E.T. and 210.80 mph!

The Semi-Finals brought a first time matchup between Greg Stanfield and Ronnie Humphrey. Greg lined the car up in the left lane and prepared himself for the task at hand. After the cars staged and greens flashed, Greg, quickest off of the line, stormed down the lane for his career best Elapsed Time of 6.538 and put Team Safety Sentry Motorsports into their first Finals in their first ever attempt!

The first Finals in the young 2011 Season matches Greg Stanfield with Jason Line. Jason has the early advantage over Greg in Final matches of 1-0. Greg is forced to take the right lane which has caused problems for drivers all day. As the greens flashed, Greg pulls off of the line first and is starting to storm the lane when the car experiences a wiggle and slightly veers sideways. A bit of tire shake follows and allows Line to pass for the win. The Team, still exhilarated with the first Finals showing, leaves Pomona extremely excited with a second place finish and most importantly, 95 Championship points!

Greg summed up the Team’s first outing: “Awesome weekend! I love the Team we have put together, Eddie, Stryker, Mike and Lewis are incredible. Testing went well prior to coming to Pomona and the hard work is coming through. Now it is time to get ready for Gainesville”.

Safety Sentry Inc. Inventor/Owner, Karl Pratt loves the beginning of this journey, he stated: “We are very, very excited about Team Safety Sentry Motorsports results at the Winternationals! What a debut! We got to show the fans what we can do on the track and what our product can do to save lives and property while in the pits. It was a double success for us”!

Safety Sentry Inc. manufactures safety trailer hitch lock systems designed to prevent trailer detachment in any form whether it be by theft or accident while driving. Safety trailer hitch locks are currently required in some states due to state-mandated trailer hitch laws; The Safety Sentry Hitch Lock meets and exceeds all required state laws. Safety Sentry Inc. provides trailer lock safety for all types of towing hitches for use on state and local highways. The family of Safety Sentry trailer locks work on horse trailers, camping trailers, RV trailers, cargo trailers and more. The Safety Sentry Hitch Locks will be available for purchase at all 2011 NHRA Full Throttle Series Events.

Safety Sentry…“Don’t Pull From Home Without It”!

Stanfield/Yonke Racing Owner, Bob Yonke, is very pleased with the results of Pomona and stated: “We had a phenomenal weekend given the weather conditions while testing in Las Vegas and here in Pomona. Team Safety Sentry Motorsports pulled all of this together in a very short period of time and I wish to thank all of our Team Members and Sponsors for their contributions and support”.

The 2011 NHRA Full Throttle Pro Stock Championship Series is proving to be a battle from start to finish. Come out and support Team Safety Sentry Motorsports and Greg Stanfield as he looks to continue the success from Round One and as they debut 2011 NHRA Full Throttle Pro Stock Motorcycle Series rider Angie Smith at the 2011 Tire Kingdom NHRA Gatornationals on March 10 through March 13. Bring the family, stop by the Team Safety Sentry Motorsports transporter and get introduced to the “Team you want to follow and support”! Now is the time to begin the journey together!

Team Safety Sentry Motorsports would like to thank their sponsors for their incredible support throughout the 2011 NHRA Full Throttle Pro Stock Championship Series:

Safety Sentry Inc. “The Trailer Towing Device” (Karl Pratt and Gwendolyn Cannon, Granbury, Texas)

Coffman Tank Trucks Inc. (J.D. and Terissa Coffman, Chico,Texas)

Yonke Motorsports, LLC. (Bob and Angela Yonke, Fort Worth, Texas)

Stanfield/Yonke Racing, Bossier City, Louisiana

Nitro Fish Wear, (Kenny Koretsky)

Indicom Electric (Greg Hill)

Karl Klement Ford, Karl Klement Chrysler Dodge Jeep
(Karl Klement) Decatur, Texas

Royal Purple Inc., Porter, Texas

Scott Brown Designs, Odessa, Missouri

FineLine Graphics, Denver Colorado

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