Race re-cap show now available – Dodge Viper Cup At Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch Race 1 Round 9

The qualifying session of the DVC race 9 turned in the usual suspects, with top spots going to Ryan Schimsk, Keith Verges, and Tanner Foust rounding out the top three. However, a mandatory drivers meeting was missed by half of the field, rearranging the start grid as follows:

Before After
1. Ryan Schimsk Ryan Schimsk
2. Keith Verges Keith Verges
3. Tanner Foust Ben Keating
4. Ben Keating Jim Stout
5. Michael Von Quilich Eric Galerne
6. Jim Stout Connie Bogan
7. Jeff Courtney David Mazyck
8. Ralph Gilles Tanner Foust
9. Michael Zuieback Michael Von Quilich
10. Kurt Sollberger Jeff Courtney
11. Eric Galerne Ralph Gilles
12. Connie Bogan Michael Zuieback
13. David Mazyck Kurt Sollberger
The race start was pretty interesting as Tanner Foust and Ralph Gilles zoomed to the front of the pack.

Halfway through the race, Ralph was following Michael Von Quilich when Michael dropped two wheels off the track spraying the front of Ralph’s car with huge rocks, shattering the windshield and blowing out the liftgate glass.

On lap 7, a full course caution came out, Ben Keating who was in third place missed the caution lights and passed Schimsk and Foust under yellow and was later penalized one minute. Although he passed the finished line first, his penalty moved him back to 9th place. Both Schimsk and Foust were saddled with 200 pounds of rewards weight, which made for a very even race.

Tanner finished the race in 2nd place, behind a pressured Schimsk by a half a second. Keith Verges finished third. Guest driver Michael Zuieback finished eighth.

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