Morgan Wins by a Car-Length at VIR

150x100-images-stories-10season-vir-sun-sunrace-364Alton, VA – Cole Morgan held off Remy Audette and capitalized on Daniel Erickson’s misfiring engine to take his first F2000 win since taking the 2007 F2000 Championship title. Erickson, the Australian rookie, led from pole and had pulled out to a two second gap as Morgan and Audette diced for second. With three laps to go the Zetec in Erickson’s #02 started to misfire, and he ended up a distant tenth with a very sick-sounding motor. Fabio Orsolon finished third, making it an American-Canadian-Brazilian podium

“The start kind of just happened,” said Morgan, who went from fifth to second before taking the lead in his K-Hill Motorsports Van Diemen. “We were turning some really good laps and then the tires started to go away and Remy (Audette) caught me. (Daniel) Erickson slowed near the end and I knew Remy was all over me and I made sure he couldn’t get any runs.”

Morgan’s margin of victory was four-tenths of a second, compared to round one’s two-tenths margin of victory. Both VIR races were run in their entirety without any full-course cautions.

Audette, who was sporting a Sponge Bob charter on his steering wheel, commented: “I was pushing hard and felt faster than Cole in some areas, the team gave me an awesome car. During the last few laps I was hoping he would make a mistake but we’ll take second.”

Fabio Orsolon finished third for the second day in a row ahead of his teammate Victor Carbone, who won round one and Rob Nicholas, who wins the Masters Class.

150x99-images-stories-10season-vir-sun-dsc_0409We struggled all weekend with broken parts,” Nicholas, driving under the K-Fast awning, said. “We got a great start, going to seventh from 13th and I had hooked up with (Jonathan) Scarallo for a few laps before he went off at Oak Tree.”

Scarallo started fourth and got shuffled backwards on the start. The young American was able to work his way back to fifth in the 33-car field, while setting fastest race lap. He recovered from a mid-race spin to finish seventh, behind his R-Sport teammate Keith McCrone.

Tim Kautz and Bobby Caldwell, both driving for Liberty Motorsports finished eighth and ninth, and Daniel Erickson hung on for tenth.


Daniel Erickson nailed his second-ever rolling start and pulled a nice lead out on Cole Morgan. The Australian, driving for Primus Racing, scored poles for both rounds, resetting the track record. He was caught off guard by his first rolling start in round one and missed winning the race by two-tenths of a second. That wasn’t the case at VIR today, as he controlled the race pace until an unfortunate engine problem brought him home in tenth.

“The car was absolutely perfect, the guys did a great job but I’m absolutely devastated,” commented Erickson. “I had a 2.5 second gap and then I heard an unfortunate noise from the motor and my lead was gone.”

Rookie Billy McLaughlin, who had a hard crash during Thursday testing, finished a solid 15th for K-Hill, behind Dave Weitzenhof, Tom Fatur, Mark Defer and Bob Wright.

22-year old Chris Keller, who wasn’t officially driving on Sunday until about 8pm on Saturday night, finished 19th after the crew of the #83 prepped the chassis late into the night. A last second setup was dialed in after qualifying.

A lap one incident took out Phil Lombardi and Tim Minor, who both were expected to be quick at VIR. Chris Gumprecht lost his gearbox early in the race and Chris Livengood, driving the only Pinto-powered entry in the field, was running solidly in the top 15 before an off-course excursion in turn one put him back in the pack.

Craig Clawson, who has started every F2000 Championship Series race to date, earned the CellMark Paper Hard Charger by improving 10 positions from start to finish.

The 2010 F2000 season continues at Road Atlanta May 6-8.

Provisional Race Results:

PosNo.NameLapsTotal TmDiffGapAvg. SpeedBest TmBest Spd
11Cole Morgan1429:40.890--92.5421:55.686101.758
221Remy Audette1429:41.359+0.469+0.46992.5181:55.657101.784
326Fabio Orsolon1429:45.628+4.738+4.26992.2971:55.967101.512
423Victor Carbone1429:51.663+10.773+6.03591.9861:56.438101.101
589Rob Nicholas/M1429:57.909+17.019+6.24691.6661:56.383101.149
65Keith McCrone/M1430:03.102+22.212+5.19391.4021:56.867100.730
722Jonathon Scarallo1430:04.367+23.477+1.26591.3381:55.537101.889
836Tim Kautz/M1430:05.748+24.858+1.38191.2691:56.972100.639
980Bobby Caldwell1430:06.038+25.148+0.29091.2541:57.115100.517
1002Daniel Erickson1430:08.040+27.150+2.00291.1531:55.837101.626
1167Dave Weitzenhof/M1430:09.560+28.670+1.52091.0761:57.239100.410
1270Tom Fatur/M1430:10.148+29.258+0.58891.0471:57.179100.462
138Mark Defer/M1430:18.153+37.263+8.00590.6461:57.557100.139
1490Robert Wright/M1430:22.105+41.215+3.95290.4491:57.609100.094
1557Billy McLaughlin1430:22.402+41.512+0.29790.4341:57.669100.043
1628Ardie Greenamyer/M1430:23.006+42.116+0.60490.4051:57.659100.052
177Brent Gilkes/M1430:25.583+44.693+2.57790.2771:57.260100.392
1827Craig Clawson/M1430:31.066+50.176+5.48390.0071:58.18599.607
1983Chris Keller1430:34.523+53.633+3.45789.8371:57.74399.980
2025Jeff McCusker/M1430:36.395+55.505+1.87289.7451:58.53099.317
2137Chris Livengood1430:38.899+58.009+2.50489.6231:57.211100.434
2269Paul Farmer/M1430:51.297+1:10.407+12.39889.0231:59.44198.559
2303Tim Walsh1430:51.554+1:10.664+0.25789.0111:58.76299.123
2442Bill Jordan/M1430:57.687+1:16.797+6.13388.7171:59.55798.463
2595Al Giubord, Jr.1328:13.2911 Lap1 Lap90.3781:56.823100.768
2611Jesse Yorio1328:14.523+1.232+1.23290.3121:57.440100.238
2706Tim Paul1023:07.8424 Laps3 Laps84.8221:59.11298.831
2894Al Guibord,Sr./M716:57.2287 Laps3 Laps81.0082:01.35597.005
DNF33Len Amato/M26:41.97412 Laps5 Laps58.5712:14.17787.735
DNF3Phil Lombardi/M14:25.00913 Laps1 Lap44.4214:10.44447.005
DNF88Tim Minor/M14:25.380+0.371+0.37144.3594:09.55447.172
DNF97Chris Gumprecht14:26.209+1.200+0.82944.2214:03.57348.330
DNS16Peter Gonzalez/M0-.—----.—-

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