Carbone Dominates at Road Atlanta

150x100-images-stories-10season-atl-s-ra3-test-3-366Braselton, GA – Victor Carbone took his third win in four races and stamped his name on the Road Atlanta weekend by dominating the second and final race of the weekend to further extend his points lead to 28 over Cole Morgan. Carbone started from pole and lost the lead on the start as Rob Nicholas made it three wide by diving to the inside going into turn one. The young Brazilian, driving for Alegra Motorsports, took the lead back two laps later going into turn one and never looked back to take the win over Jonathan Scarallo and Phil Lombardi.

“At the start, (Rob) Nicholas was already there and there was nothing I could do,” said Carbone, who took pole and won at Road Atlanta in the first event of the weekend as well. Today, not only did he win and start from pole, he sweeps the maximum number of points possible by setting the fastest race tap too.

“I got by him (Rob Nicholas) a couple laps later and then just nailed it. This season has been awesome so far. I can’t say enough good things about the team, we had a perfect weekend and I hope the momentum continues into Mosport,” added Carbone.

Jonathan Scarallo capitalized on an incident between Fabio Orsolon and Rob Nicholas to finish second in his R-Sport Van Diemen. It was his best F2000 finish to date.

150x99-images-stories-10season-atl-s-dsc_0642“If today was a usual race we would have had a DNF,” commented Scarallo, who had two mechanical failures on Thursday during testing. “But at the start, the Red Sea happened and the field seemed to part for me going into turn one. I was in the battle for second late in the race with Rob Nicholas and Fabio (Orsolon) and I knew they were going to crash so I hung back waiting for them to hit each other and they did.”

While Carbone checked out on the field, Rob Nicholas, who finished fourth yesterday, held onto second place as Carbone’s teammate, Fabio Orsolon mounted a charge. With a few laps to go the two made contact. Nicholas ended up in a gravel trap with a bent suspension while Orsolon retired to the pits with a missing front wing.

Phil Lombardi took the Masters Class win, finishing third to complete the podium. “I’ll take third and the Masters Class win,” Lombardi said. “I was trying to get by Jonathan (Scarallo) but the car picked up a bit of a vibration. GTP Motorsports prepped a heck of a car this weekend, I can’t wait for Mosport.”

At the start of the race, a slight incident in turn one sent Cole Morgan spinning off the track from his sixth-place starting position. Morgan recovered but pulled off a few laps later with a reported mechanical issue. Continuing the turn one drama at the start, Tim Kautz started from fourth and made contact with the wall in his Liberty Motorsports Van Diemen, recovering to finish ninth.

“In turn one it was wheel to wheel and I went into the wall on the outside,” explained Kautz. “The front wing was tweaked and the alignment was off so I just drove the car as hard as I could.”

Tim Minor finished fourth ahead of Keith McCrone, in the other R-Sport entry.

Gerald Kraut was sixth for JDC with Chris Livengood not far behind in the Pinto-powered Van Diemen. Mark Defer, Tim Kautz and Ardie Greenamyer rounded out the top ten.

Two drivers will have to split the CellMark Paper Hard Charger, with both Blake Teeter and Dan Denison improving 13 places.

Also notable was Tim Paul who recovered from a huge crash in the first race of the weekend to finish 17th after starting from the back of the grid.

Matthew Inge had a challenging day to end up a distant 19th. Inge and Brian Belardi tangled early in the race to send Inge to the pits for a quick check-up while Belardi never recovered.

The 18-lap race was run in its full distance without any caution periods.

The F2000 Championship Series next heads to Mosport, June 11-13 for rounds five and six of the 2010 Championship. Fans can keep up to date with the latest news at or on Twitter @F2000.

Race Results:

PosNo.NameLapsTotal TmDiffGapAvg. SpeedBest Tm
123Victor Carbone1825:57.009--105.7101:25.641
222Jonathon Scarallo1826:04.561+7.552+7.552105.2001:25.884
33Phil Lombardi/M1826:07.768+10.759+3.207104.9851:26.110
488Tim Minor/M1826:11.605+14.596+3.837104.7291:26.186
55Keith McCrone/M1826:25.590+28.581+13.985103.8051:27.143
655Gerald Kraut/M1826:32.219+35.210+6.629103.3731:26.993
737Chris Livengood1826:33.395+36.386+1.176103.2961:26.470
88Mark Defer/M1826:41.591+44.582+8.196102.7681:27.832
936Tim Kautz/M1826:45.691+48.682+4.100102.5051:26.227
1028Ardie Greenamyer/M1826:49.459+52.450+3.768102.2651:28.151
1151Dan Denison/M1826:49.766+52.757+0.307102.2461:27.407
1270Tom Fatur/M1826:51.536+54.527+1.770102.1341:28.064
1314Blake Teeter1826:58.235+1:01.226+6.699101.7111:27.767
1427Craig Clawson/M1827:05.068+1:08.059+6.833101.2831:28.097
1569Paul Farmer/M1827:08.797+1:11.788+3.729101.0511:28.765
1690Robert Wright/M1827:09.201+1:12.192+0.404101.0261:28.477
1706Tim Paul1827:17.796+1:20.787+8.595100.4961:28.561
1816Peter Gonzalez/M1827:23.039+1:26.030+5.243100.1751:28.026
1920Matthew Inge1827:27.946+1:30.937+4.90799.8771:27.044
2094Al Guibord,Sr./M1522:46.6123 Laps3 Laps100.3651:28.905
2110Mikhail Goikhberg1526:50.944+4:04.332+4:04.33285.1431:26.756
2226Fabio Orsolon1421:13.2674 Laps1 Lap100.5411:26.102
2342Bill Jordan/M1422:00.384+47.117+47.11796.9541:28.291
2489Rob Nicholas/M1318:48.9635 Laps1 Lap105.2931:26.071
2541Brian Belardi1319:37.615+48.652+48.652100.9431:26.392
2680Bobby Caldwell1116:36.3607 Laps2 Laps100.9511:27.577
271Cole Morgan913:22.1559 Laps2 Laps102.5941:26.125
2897Chris Gumprecht611:53.92812 Laps3 Laps76.8481:28.031
DNS7Brent Gilkes/M0-.—----.—

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