MK Technologies-Auto Shop Alignment System


MKT1500 Automotive Shop Alignment System

Complete system


Shipping $350.00

The MKT1500 Automotive Shop Alignment System is a set of tools used to perform complete four-wheel alignments on any car, allowing technicians to do their own work rather than sending it out to the local alignment shop.

This portable system is designed to be used with a standard automotive hoist. The system sets up in minutes and breaks down for easy storage. The stands are available in custom heights. A tool tray is fitted at the bottom, and each stand has a step to stand on for adjusting the car?s suspension from the top if required.

The MKT1500 is based on MK Technologies? extensive racing experience related to the design and manufacture of chassis alignment equipment.

The system consists of the following

  • Four MKT1500 car stands: The stands are 20? high and can be made level with four leveling feet per stand. There is a pocket in each stand designed to accommodate any combination of scales, turntables, or slip tables.
  • One MK Technologies Universal Toe-bar system: fully adaptable system clamps onto any car and gives the user a centerline reference from which all four wheels can be checked for toe settings.
  • One MK Technologies Toe/Camber/Caster Board: measures toe quickly and accurately when used with the strings on the Universal Toe-bar. Camber/Caster can be measured using the Smart Level attached to the back of the toe board.
  • Mechanical turnplates: for settling the front suspension after lifting the car and assisting in measuring caster.
  • Slip tables: for settling the rear suspension after lifting the car.
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