Buffomante All The Way for Ford Racing Mustang Challenge Lime Rock Park Win


May 29, 2010

LAKEVILLE, CT 29 May 2010 –  Starting from the pole position, Tony Buffomante led from flag to flag at Lime Rock Park to score his third career Ford Racing Mustang Challenge race victory, crossing the line just 1.2 seconds ahead of Kyle Gimple. Championship leader Jason von Kluge moved up from sixth on the grid to take the final podium position for round four of the 2010 Mustang Challenge championship.

Buffomante got the jump on fellow front-row starter Dan Aweida at the green as Richard Golinello moved up to second place, earning him the GREENFilterusa.com “We’re Going Green” Award. Aweida slotted into third place as Steve Fillips was fourth in the early laps.

Rookie Golinello’s strong run ended sooner than he wanted as a fuel delivery issue stranded him on course, cutting short an impressive performance and bringing out a yellow flag. This was not what Buffomante, who had established a firm lead on the field, had hoped for. But on the restart, he held onto the lead spot as another rookie made his own assault on the front when Kyle Gimple moved to second place. Jason von Kluge moved steadily forward to take third at the checkered flag.

Aweida notched another top-five finish with his run to fourth place as Steve Phillips got the first part of his double-header race day off to a good start with his fifth place finish.

Pratt Cole also showed forward progress, moving up to score sixth on the day. But it was Cole’s fellow Utah resident Ben Crosland who emerged with the BFGoodrich “Take Control” award as he moved up to score seventh at the finish ahead of David Rosenblum. Brad Adams,  took eighth in the Who Dat machine as John Scarlett posted another top-ten result in his rookie campaign.

“This feels great because it is the first win for the Capalid Racing guys in Mustang Challenge, and I have to have these kinds of days with maximum points if we are going to get back into the championship fight,” said Buffomante. “My dad was so good on the radio, as always. He keeps me calm, and I feel like I know everything thats going on around me with him calling the race. Congrats to Jason on getting up to third, thats key for the points of course. We had the car over the long run and I was able to get just enough of a gap to get the guys out of my mirrors and just focus forward. Thanks to the Capaldi Racing guys for the weekend. Now I can enjoy a nice Memorial Day weekend with my family at home, and be ready to go at Watkins Glen next weekend.”

While it was Golinello who had the hot hand early in the race, it was another rookie who closed out the day closest to the front.

“I was doing everything I could to keep von Kluge behind me so I’m really happy to be up here on the podium,” said Gimple, who also collected his second consecutive Sunday Group Management “Rookie of the Race” award as the top finishing rookie and will have $150 donated in his name to the Austin Hatcher Foundation. “We weren’t set up as well for the long run, so we didn’t really have anything for Tony up front but I’m happy to be up here with these guys today after a good close race.”

After winning the three first races of the year, von Kluge had been hoping to grow his points lead, but still had to be happy with his podium performance in his debut race visit to the track.

“I was pushing pretty hard and ran the wheels off in the dirt a few times!” said von Kluge. “But that is what can happen when you are pushing that hard. I was hoping to be on the top step again, but its good to be up on the podium and hopefully we can do it again next week at the Glen.”

Lime Rock Park Special Awards:

BF Goodrich Tires “Take Control” Award:  Ben Crosland
GREEN Filters Fast First Award:Richard Golinello
Sunday Group Management “Rookie of the Race”
Kyle Gimple will see a $150 donation made in his name to the Austin Hatcher Foundation after the series debutante scored second in just his second-ever Mustang Challenge race.
Ford Racing Mustang Challenge
May 29, 2010-Lime Rock Park
Pos No. Class PIC Name Laps Total Tm Diff Best Tm In Lap Avg. Speed Car Team Sponsor Start Pos Gap
1 34 Mustang 1 Tony Buffomante 42 45:11.882 59.711 21 85.305 Mustang Capaldi Racing CapaldiRacing.com 1
2 81 Mustang 2 Kyle Gimple 42 45:13.173 1.291 59.629 19 85.264 Mustang Icy Racing/ 82 Autowerks Kyle H Gimple Racing 5 1.291
3 19 Mustang 3 Jason von Kluge 42 45:13.848 1.966 59.587 21 85.243 Mustang JVK Motorsports Steeda/ Varsity Ford/ Green Filter USA 6 0.675
4 17 Mustang 4 Dan Aweida 42 45:25.378 13.496 1:00.006 5 84.882 Mustang Flying Horse Motorsports Flying Horse Motorsports 2 11.530
5 22 Mustang 5 Steve Phillips 42 45:27.195 15.313 1:00.246 6 84.826 Mustang Capaldi Racing Old South Land Services 4 1.817
6 88 Mustang 6 Pratt Cole 42 45:35.145 23.263 1:00.418 7 84.579 Mustang RP Motorsports WesternMetalsTrans/USA Cares for Life 8 7.950
7 25 Mustang 7 Ben Crosland 42 45:42.499 30.617 1:00.519 40 84.352 Mustang RP Motorsports Interbank FX 13 7.354
8 82 Mustang 8 David Rosenblum 42 45:46.307 34.425 1:00.869 36 84.235 Mustang Icy Racing/ 82 Autowerks Icy Racing 7 3.808
9 75 Mustang 9 Brad Adams 42 45:46.989 35.107 1:00.719 24 84.214 Mustang RP Motorsports WesternMetalsTrans/USA Cares for Life 9 0.682
10 44 Mustang 10 John Scarlett 42 46:04.983 53.101 1:00.926 21 83.666 Mustang SpeedWorks R&D Racing to Save Sharks 11 17.994
11 45 Mustang 11 Sloan Urry 41 45:12.834 1 Lap 1:01.094 28 83.244 Mustang SpeedWorks R&D 10 1 Lap
12 33 Mustang 12 Marv Weidner 41 45:16.464 1 Lap 1:00.808 23 83.133 Mustang LMI/ Compass360 Racing MFR Live.com/ JC Concrete 12 3.630
13 50 Mustang 13 Richard Golinello 9 9:16.601 33 Laps 1:00.374 3 89.062 Mustang R&C Racing R&C Racing 3 32 Laps
14 21 Mustang 14 George Winkler 2 3:31.337 40 Laps 1:09.267 1 52.125 Mustang Winkler Racing Winkler Automotive Service Center 14 7 Laps

source http://www.mustangchallenge.com

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