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Here are some Things You Should Know:

The bottom section of Pikes Peak was where the unlimited cars found themselves Friday morning battling it out for not only practice, but qualifying as well. The bottom section of Pikes Peak is the only section that is not fully paved and come next year it will be. The fastest time gets to chose if he or she wants to go first or last, and on Pikes Peak those few minutes mean the difference in snow or rain.

Monster Tajima has not been his usual self leading the unlimited classes like previous years in practice until today. Tajima crushed the competition today of Rhys Millen and Paul Dallenbach edging Millen out by 15 seconds on the bottom section. Although Tajima was 15 seconds ahead of Millen, Rhys, himself, was 15 seconds faster than Tajima on the top section only yesterday. Dallenbach finds himself just barely behind Rhys and his Hyundai powered PM580 and has been the most consistent driver along with Millen.

Rhys put down two solid runs, but still trailing Tajima by quite a margin before having trouble with his gearing and was forced to sit out on his last run. Monster Tajima will have top honors and elect to go first or last in Sunday’s race. Here’s more:

Practice runs on Pikes Peak, June 23rd 2011. Including Rhys Millen in the Hyundai Genesis RMR PM580, his father Rod Millen in the Hyundai Genesis, Monster Tajima in the Go Pro Suzuki, and Paul Dallenbach in the 1307 Hp Unlimited class monster! Other’s are included as well.

Nice video: shot 100% on the HD HERO® camera. Watch as Monster Tajima takes on Pike’s Peak in the 2011 Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb.

In honor of this weekend’s Pikes Peak Hill Climb: This video you will see Michèle Mouton setting a new record on The 1985 Pike’s Peak International Hillclimb in her factory sponsored Group B, Audi Sport quattro S1 with a time of 11:25.39. She was not only the fastest overall in 1985, but also set a record which still remains unbeaten to this day by any female driver. The car is now in the UK.

In this video you will see Michèle Mouton re-united (the video was posted in January of 2009) with the Ex-Works Audi Quattro she used to set a new record on The 1985 Pikes Peak International Hillclimb in her factory sponsored Group B, Audi Sport quattro S1 with a time of 11:25.39. Michèle was not only the fastest overall in 1985, but also set a new record which still remains unbeaten to this day by any female driver.

Audi Quattro Sport on the Pikes Peak Hill Climb with Walter Röhrl from Too Fast to Race. The year: 1985. The video was posted in 2008.

TEAM YOKOHAMA EV CHALLENGE: Electric race car – EV Sports Concept HER-02 – Test run at Honjyo Circuit. This is the test run for challenges in Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2011. 26th June is race day.

Featured in the December 2010 issue of eurotuner magazine, check out this incredible Golf GTI from 034Motorsport in Fremont, CA. It features a mid-mounted single-turbo Audi S4 2.7T V6 with custom chargecooler and subframe plus Porsche rear end, Porsche suspension and brakes all round. It also has a custom widebody for the Porsche wheels. Dyno runs have seen power in excess of 800hp. Read the full story in the December issue or check out . This car will also compete in the 2010 eurotuner GP, which will appear in the February 2011 issue of eurotuner, and video will be available here at or at – Audi launched a bold new design for the Pikes Peak Autonomous Audi TTS, as research surrounding the car that can drive itself enters a crucial stage leading to the goal of a high-speed test up Pikes Peak in Colorado this fall.

This video was from the project a year ago. Cool video about a joint venture between Audi, Stanford University and the Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab to built a remote-controlled Audi TTS, which they hope will complete the Pikes Peak hillclimb.

Here’s a piece of Hill Climb weirdness! The Go-Gear rotary Fiat Abarth at the Albany Mt Clarence hillclimb in Western Australia 2008

Last week you overwhelmingly decided that Fans are the most important thing in a sponsor’s list when it considers a driver. Next on the list was a driver’s lifestyle at 33 percent Then Championships at 17 percent and, curiously, no one thought wins were than important when a sponsor considers a driver to support. Thanks for your help last week. Did you learn anything from participating?

Now, What Do You Think? this week: Name one driver you’d love to see invited to make a debut at X Games: Tom Kristensen, Sebastien Loeb, Mikko Hirvonen, Scott Pruett, Patrick Long, Lewis Hamilton or Tony Stewart? You can vote at GET BUSY!! Take a minute to vote. Learn something about yourself!

Mt. Washington Climb to the Clouds: Practice day 1. David Higgins in his Vermont SportsCar prepared 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI. This is a lightened and more powerful version of the Subaru that Higgins drives in the Rally America National Championship. So loud the iPhone’s little mic is overwhelmed!

Duplessis/Trask have the fastest front-wheel-drive practice times from the Friday sessions, Mt. Washington Hillclimb 2011.

Mike Ryan’s 1950hp freightliner race truck launching off line for first practice run on bottom half of course of the 2011 Mt Washington ‘Climb to the Clouds’ Hillclimb.

1990 Mt. Wasington Hill Climb winner Tim O’Neil reports on the road conditions Friday at the Mt. Washington Climb to the Clouds.

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