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Here are some Things You Should Know:

Tanner Foust made it last year in the Höljes ‘A’ final. “Well that was amazing,” he said. “This year it will be tougher to make it to the ‘A’ final. In France for example we had 22 cars within one second at a certain moment. So therefore we are not going to talk about winning here.” Foust set another record – the one of reaching the fastest indoor speed – revealed Andréas Eriksson. Foust made use of his Rallycross Fiesta for that record attempt. However, what the exact speed was will be announced later. Here’s more: Afterwards media (and non-media) people were allowed to join some of the drivers on the track. The European event is spread out over Saturday (starting 10:15 am) and Sunday (starting 8:45 am).

This is an ANIMATION of the Holjes track where the ERC round 5 will be held this weekend.

This is incar with Sverre Isachsen, The Viking warrior and two-time defending ERC champion. This is from the A Main at last year’s Swedish ERC round. The series is at this same track this weekend.

Heavy rain floods Höljes paddock Friday afternoon. Rain. Lots of rain. So much rain that large parts of the paddock are flooded. It’s only a small inconvenience this afternoon, creating extra work for the organiser and the teams whose nicely established awnings now resemble the local duck pond. The process of scrutineering has been slowed down a bit and the paddock is a little more congested than it might usually be as the queue of those waiting for technical checks mingles with the late arrivals seeking out space in the already crowded paddock area. Here’s more:

From my friends at, this is the first videos of Kenneth Hansen’s KHM DS3! It was shot at the Swedish ERC round at the Höljes press day 30th June (inborads: Johan Larsson C2).

This is from the free Friday practice at Imola. The teams are preparing for this weekend’s Intercontinental Le Mans Cup round. Sebastien Bourdais in a Peugeot led practice Friday. Here’s more:

Three weeks after an epic edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Team Peugeot Total is ready to lock horns with its rivals again. Just like at Spa and Le Mans, the team expects the race to be a 6-hour sprint, on a track that will be new to many of the teams. Two Peugeot 908s are entered to try and extend Peugeot’s lead in the Manufacturers’ standings, driven by Sébastien Bourdais and Anthony Davidson (no.7), and Franck Montagny and Stéphane Sarrazin (no.8).

And this is a look back. One full lap of the Le Mans track in the Peugeot 908.

Turn up the volume to 11! Dyson Racing brought the #16 Lola-Mazda to Lime Rock Park on July 1st, 2011 to test prior to the American Le Mans Series Northeast Grand Prix. The unmuffled track day was organized by the Sports Car Driving Association.

More of the Dyson Lola-Mazda; one fulll lap from different parts of the track at Lime Rock.

Monster Tajima Like You’ve Never Heard Him! We go to a beach in Northern California where we find the King of the Mountain Nobuhiro Monster Tajima who is unwinding after a multi-year quest to break the ten minute barrier at Pikes Peak. He finally accomplished the mission last weekend with a 9:51.278 blast up the road to great wonder by his legions of fans around the world. Shortly after our conversation he went to a party where he celebrated with several of his sponsors who went up the mountain with him. This is Tajima-San like you’ve never heard him, laughing and joking and enjoying the moment. It’s worth hearing! This is an exclusive THS Breakout interview on the world’s only weekly topical webcast on sports car racing, rallying, drifting and time attack. TRT: 6:05

Nobuhiro ‘Monster’ Tajima on his record 9:51 run at the 2011 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. This is him going through Devil’s Playground.

Allan McNish on Racing & the Things It May Need. We have an in-depth conversation with two-time Le Mans winner Allan McNish who walked away from one of the most dramatic accidents in the history of the Le Mans 24 Hour endurance race. McNish has won multiple ALMS titles. He’s won multiple Sebring 12 Hour races. And he’s answered multiple questions about the state of sports car racing especially after the accident early in the Le Mans race. We talk about the accident, what he did with the engineer who designed the Audi he rode into a wall at Le Mans, and what may need to be looked at as sports car racing goes forward. We also talked about the race at Imola where he’ll get back in the saddle this weekend. But before we talk with Allan McNish we spend a few moments with Mats Lysen, the winner of the European Rallycross round at Hell, Norway last weekend. It was the fourth round in the championship and Lysen was the fourth different winner this year. It’s a great season that continues this weekend in Sweden. This is an exclusive THS Breakout interview on the world’s only weekly topical webcast on sports car racing, rallying, drifting and time attack. TRT: 14:49

Now, What Do You Think? this week: Would you like to see fundamental changes in sports car racing that would separate slower classes into their own races? Yes? or No? You can vote at GET BUSY!! Take a minute to vote. Learn something about yourself!

Japan has the world’s fastest train with a record speed of 581km per hour. Central Japan Railway has been testing the latest version of its magnetically levitated Maglev train since 1997. Connecting Tokyo to Osaka, the train will travel the 514km distance in only 67 minutes. The first part of the track to Nagoya is scheduled to be finished by 2025. Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reports from Yamanashi, Japan.

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