Connery Dominates at Mid-Ohio in the F2000 Championship Series

Connery won his third race of the season. (photo: Valet)

Lexington, OH – Kyle Connery made it three wins on the year and moved back into second place in the F2000 Championship Series standings, leading all 18 laps from pole at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. Connery, driving the #91 Van Diemen, separated himself from the pack and held off the competition from a 28-car field on a mid-race restart to take his third win in eight races.
Tim Minor finished second, winning the Masters Class, ahead of Afterburner Racing’s Brian Tomasi, who finished second in the first race of the weekend.


“I stayed clear at the start and managed to get a gap,” said Connery, who is short on funding to finish the rest of the season and scored maximum points, with the Afterburner pole and fast lap on the day. “We just tried to keep the tires clean, getting a good restart. The win feels good after the DNF yesterday.”

On Friday, Connery failed to finish with a mechanical problem.

Minor scored his fifth podium of the season but is still looking for that elusive overall win in his #88 Ski Motorsports Van Diemen.

“We’ve been fighting an understeer issue all weekend and finally got it fixed,” commented Minor. “I tried to stay with Kyle but we just kept overheating the tires.”

Brian Tomasi rounded off the podium in the #96 Van Diemen and will be back in the #96 RFR when the Series heads to Mosport in a few weeks.

“Overall we had a really good run this weekend,” Tomasi said. “It’s a good result for the team and hopefully we can build from here.”

Robert La Rocca was the first of the RFR cars for the second day in a row for HP-Tech, finishing fourth after starting fourth. The Venezuelan driver took home third place honors on Friday at Mid-Ohio and sits solidly fourth in the points standings.

John LaRue completed the top five in his Citation/Zetec ahead of Nathan Morcom.

Championship points’ leader Remy Audette had an uncharacteristic day, and weekend. Audette, from Canada, logged his worst finish of the year on Friday, finishing fifth and today could only manage seventh after a rough qualifying session put him ninth on the grid.

“We had a sway bar issue in qualifying but the car was good for the race,” explained Audette. “It took me a few laps to get by a couple of the other cars but once we did that we were able to run down the Primus cars (Jonathan Scarallo and Nathan Morcom) pretty quickly. We did what we needed to do for the points.”

Audette, who spent most of the race in heavy traffic, remains the points’ leader, although Connery claws a few points back in a distant second place, with Minor in third.

Mid-Ohio’s first race winner, Chris Livengood, started tenth after rear-wheel damage during an off in qualifying. While Livengood dominated Friday’s race, he had to settle for a broken half-shaft that ended his race while running in seventh on the 13-turn road course.

The short turnaround time between sessions, around 40 minutes, leading up to the final race, allowed for few mistakes on a somewhat overcast day.

CellMark Hard Charger award honors are shared by Ardie Greenamyer and Bill Jordan, who both advanced six positions during round eight of the 14-race F2000 season.

The F2000 Championship Series resume at Mosport with the American Le Mans Series, July 22-24.

Race Results:

PosNo.NameLapsTotal TmDiffGapAvg. SpeedBest Tm
191Kyle Connery1832:01.956--76.1301:25.234
288Tim Minor/M1832:05.589+3.633+3.63375.9861:25.478
396Brian Tomasi1832:06.128+4.172+0.53975.9651:25.249
410Robert La Rocca1832:07.769+5.813+1.64175.9001:25.593
517John LaRue/M1832:08.161+6.205+0.39275.8851:25.452
62Nathan Morcom1832:17.796+15.840+9.63575.5081:26.344
721Remy Audette1832:18.162+16.206+0.36675.4931:25.542
813Jonathan Scarallo1832:19.485+17.529+1.32375.4421:26.546
93Joe Colasacco/M1832:21.248+19.292+1.76375.3731:25.743
1028Ardie Greenamyer/M1832:25.453+23.497+4.20575.2101:26.430
1122Enzo Potolicchio/M1832:26.950+24.994+1.49775.1531:26.850
128Mark Defer/M1832:27.439+25.483+0.48975.1341:26.512
1326Angel Benitez1832:27.990+26.034+0.55175.1131:26.738
1467Dave Weitzenhof/M1832:29.054+27.098+1.06475.0711:26.541
1506Tim Paul1832:31.424+29.468+2.37074.9801:26.967
1623Gustavo Rizzo1832:35.129+33.173+3.70574.8381:27.161
1790Robert Wright/M1832:35.534+33.578+0.40574.8231:27.474
1842Bill Jordan/M1832:35.881+33.925+0.34774.8091:26.555
1951Dan Denison/M1832:36.448+34.492+0.56774.7881:27.244
2027Craig Clawson/M1832:47.374+45.418+10.92674.3721:28.229
2125Jeff McCusker/M1832:55.845+53.889+8.47174.0541:29.573
2271Francis Kennette1833:26.127+1:24.171+30.28272.9361:32.109
237Rodin Younessi1833:26.520+1:24.564+0.39372.9211:31.947
241Ethan Ringel1122:15.2997 Laps7 Laps66.9641:26.875
2537Chris Livengood1020:44.2308 Laps1 Lap65.3321:26.479
2683Charles Finelli/M46:45.98814 Laps6 Laps80.0891:27.495
2731Brendan Puderbach35:24.27615 Laps1 Lap75.2031:30.911
2870Tom Fatur/M031.75818 Laps3 Laps--.—



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