WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. – There were some bumps in the road for the Woodhouse Performance Team this weekend at Round 6 of the Sports Car Wars at Watkins Glen. Both drivers, Jeff Courtney in the No. 99 Kenda Tires/Woodhouse Performance/Dodge Viper Competition Coupe and Kuno Wittmer in the No. 13 Woodhouse Performance/Dodge /Viper Competition Coupe sustained damage to their cars during practice rounds. Just moments before qualifying, the No. 13 car was not drivable. True to form, the Woodhouse Team rose to the challenge and worked as a team to put two drivers in the race on Saturday, and Courtney and Wittmer retained their hard fought for top-ten positions.

Jeff Courtney – in the No. 99 Kenda Tire Corvette?

“It was quite a weekend,” said Courtney. “We had some car issues right out of the box on the first day, and just when we thought we had things worked out, more issues came up on day two.”

During the last practice before qualifying was when the team hit the wall, literally. “I was coming through the carousel into the laces when I saw that Kuno had hit the wall,” said Courtney. “I slowed down to see if he was alright before I went on. I needed to make one more check on my car, and it was on the next lap when I was coming out of the carousel again that I brushed the wall. Thankfully, the damage to my car wasn’t as severe as Kuno’s.”

The Woodhouse Team found itself approximately 1 hour before qualifying with two damaged cars. The team gathered to determine what, if anything, could be done, and Courtney made the decision to focus on the No. 99 car—for Wittmer to drive.

“To me it was a no-brainer,” said Courtney. “He is currently 2nd in the drivers’ standings, with a legitimate chance to win the 2010 championship; it is just the best thing for the team. Giving up my car was just the right thing to do.”

The Woodhouse Team went into overdrive, scrambling to fix the damage on the No. 99 car and changing stickers for Wittmer. Team Owner Bob Woodhouse, never one to sit still, arranged a last-minute deal for Courtney: he would drive Tony Gaples back-up Corvette. Literally, minutes before the race, Courtney was introduced to a completely new car.

“I’d never driven the Corvette before, and there is definitely a learning curve!” said Courtney. “If I’d had had a couple of more laps to get the braking system down, we could probably have done better.” Without an ABS system, Courtney had issues with locking up the brakes and flat spotting his tires. “Eventually, I figured it out, but by then my tires were pretty square.”

Despite being physically battered from his earlier crash, Wittmer ran another fantastic race, climbing the podium yet again to 2nd place. “I drove one of my best races to date this year. Trying to pass the Volvos has become a very difficult thing, especially on speed and braking. My plans are now stronger than ever to try and win this championship,” said Wittmer.

“All things considered, we did surprisingly well,” said Courtney. “Watkins Glen threw its best punches at the Woodhouse Team, and we are still standing.”

Racing fans need to watch this race. Broadcast time is set for July 17, 2010 at 11:00am-12pm on VERSUS.

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