Bill Wood’s – Some Things You Should Know: 11-07-18

Here are some Things You Should Know:

Kimi Räikkönen testing ICE1 Racing´s Citroen DS3 in Hauhanpohja Central Finland for the upcoming classic event WRC Rally Finland 2011 later in July.

Dani Sordo testing the new Mini Countryman WRC in Korpilahti Central Finland for the upcoming WRC Rally Finland later in July.

Hill Climb Candy: Hans Schori went with his best time of 1: 20.38, among the four best touring car drivers on the upper mountain Hallauer. More information about the Evo with 800PS

Rally Candy: Pure engine sound mix of the iconic Group A machine – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, and its first five evolutions – in action on the World Rally Championship in 1993-1998 driven by such names as Tommi Mäkinen, Richard Burns, Kenneth Eriksson, Armin Schwartz, Didier Auriol, Andrea Aghini and Uwe Nittel. The first evolution of the Lancer debuted in the WRC in 1993 and after a few years it became one of the most succesful rally cars of the decade – thanks mainly to Tommi Mäkinen who took 4 drivers´ WRC titles in a row with the Evolutions.

Rally Candy: Fabulous footage of the Toyota Corolla WRC in action on tarmac in various WRC and European tarmac events (1997-) driven by factory team drivers Carlos Sainz, Didier Auriol and Freddy Loix as well as well as various privateers (Andrea Aghini, Markko Märtin, Sebastien Loeb and Bruno Thiry among others). The Corolla WRC debuted in 1997 and the factory team competed only two full season in 1998-1999 but the car remained relatively competitive after ´99 as well. More specs and info here:

Rally Candy: Late rally legend Colin McRae flat-out as ever with his boxer-engined Subaru Legacy RS in the twisty tarmac roads of Tour de Corse Rally Corsica 1993 – and naturally with pure engine sounds.

About half of the heat that the Earth generates itself is due to radioactive decay, scientists have concluded. While a recent study published in Nature Geoscience by the Japan-based KamLAND collaboration (which runs an important radiation detector) has shed light on processes deep within the bowels of the planet, it still leaves open the question of what’s generating the other half?

The earth continuously generates about 44 terawatts of heat, according to measurements from approximately 20,000 boreholes all over the world. It’s this heat, and how it affects substances in the core and mantle, that leads to the gradual motion of continents and the creation of the earth’s magnetic field. Exactly how this heat is generated has been difficult to measure, since the inner layers of the planet can’t be probed directly. Here’s more:

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony dropped a bomb of sorts on Friday when they issued a statement saying they were splitting after seven years of marriage. The announcement came as a shock to many, and with good reason: the couple did little to drop hints that there were problems in the relationship. In fact, just before announcing their divorce, the couple shared with Latina magazine what it takes to make a marriage work. Here’s more:

Just when you thought you had enough, another iPhone rumor pops up. The latest, courtesy of a story from Boy Genius Report today, has Apple selling a contract-free, $350 iPhone 3GS for the prepaid customer segment. The report also said the next iPhone, which may or may not feature a radical design, will be coming out or announced “by the end of summer, late August-ish.” Here’s more:

“We are sorry” the full-page ad began Saturday, as Rupert Murdoch tried to halt a phone-hacking scandal that has claimed two of his top executives.

Now, What Do You Think? this week? This is something away from racing. But what would you do with a record setting homerun ball caught at a baseball game? A fan in New York returned the baseball to Derek Jeter after Jeter hit the homerun for his 3000th hit in the Major Leagues. Some think it was the right thing to do. Some thought he should keep it. Other thought he should sell it and keep the money instead. What would you do? You can vote at GET BUSY!! Take a minute to vote. Learn something about yourself!

A 10-mile stretch of one of the nation’s busiest freeways was a virtual ghost road Saturday, as the public heeded calls to avoid the area and cut back on driving to prevent epic traffic jams.

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