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T1 Class Driver Quotes

Scott Tucker – First Place

(On the start)
We got a clean start and I saw that Heinricy had a problem. Our eyes were going forward.

John got me there (Canada Corner) last year. I trained for it this year but John is just strong with incredible car control. After sitting for 45 minutes he came out strong and I needed to be on my A game to keep ahead of him. Last couple of laps I tried to be really conservative so I didn’t overshoot my braking zones and early exit throttle.

Turn Five is a tricky spot. I was able to get good exit out of Three and it was pretty safe. We were pretty strong in the braking zone. I took it then he came back on me. It was a matter of who was leading the last lap.

Into Canada corner I had at least two car lengths on him. Just enough so he couldn’t pass me.

John Buttermore – Second Place

(On the start)
It was all in my rear view mirror. Scott got a good start. I got a good start. Looked like John missed the two-three. As soon as that happened I could see Lynches’ Viper turn right across the track and parts high in the air. I looked back and no one was in sight.

(On the restart)
It was alright. Scott got the run into Turn One again and we went through the first lap pretty close. I have an awfully bad habit of leading the wrong laps here at RA…never the last one.

Scott was good through One and Turn Eight, then I could drive in a little harder and his car would kind of move up the track and I could stick to the bottom a little better. Through the kink, I was much faster every time except for the last lap where he was faster. In Canada, I would run up on him and get alongside. He had better top end.

There was a plan. I needed to focus on hitting marks for first part of the track. Then I came into the Carousel and he wasn’t too far ahead, but I just couldn’t get him into Canada as I wanted. Then I was sideways and just couldn’t do it.

Part of prep was de-winterizing Lances’ car. I borrowed cars to qualify. Did the whole year on $1500. Borrowed a lot of stuff including paddock spot and a car!

Chris Ingle – Third Place

(On the start)
It was just a zoo. Literally, the seas just parted in front of me. I was real close to Mike McGinley and I saw him hit his brakes and I saw a Viper spinning to my right and the next thing you know I see John Heinricy pulling off to the left. My shoulders went up like that waiting for someone to clock me. It was just blind luck for me.

I restarted fourth. I battled with MacNeil. He was strong with some spots and I was strong in a couple others. I apologize to him as I gave him a little love tap going into Canada Corner. That’s where we really brake hard. We went through Canada corner side-by-side and Fourteen once side-by-side and I got him going into Three. I out-braked him and he gave me plenty of room.

I started eighth and really didn’t even think I was going to race at all. I cooked an engine on Saturday (in testing) and left. Called Mike Tracy and he said he would install an engine for free and those guys did a phenomenal job in one and a half days.

FV Class Driver Quotes

Rick Shields – First Place

I was hoping for this moment. I remember Steve from DSR said I should go to WalMart and buy a bunch of bins cause they will be needed when they tear your motor apart.
Roger and I had a plan to work together. If we got into a group we would be man to man. I was able to miss the oil but Roger and Mike went off. My radio guy told me 3-4 laps and I took it at 4 and it worked out good.

It is important to know exactly how many laps are left because of the draft. Going into 14 Brandon gave me a real nice push up the hill and I saw Roger in my mirror. It was just an amazing finish!

Roger Siebenaler – Second Place

I had the most to lose – I came in leading on the last lap which is not the best with these behind – I was leading the draft. Brandon and I went side by side in Canada Corner and I thought it was the last lap so I didn;t want to give up an inch. From doing that I lost momenteum – actually it did help be in the straight cause I had a gap between them so I got this killer great draft and I was able to try and pass them.
Rick and I talked about how we could win this figured one of us might have to win this and one of us would have to sacrifice. Guess I had to sacrifice.

Brandon Peterson – Third Place

Coming out of turn 14 I had a great run on Rick – I knew I could bump him or try and draft by him. But I saw Siebenaler coming up behind so I tried to push Shields as best I could to keep us both in front of him. The top 20 could have easily run this race.

GT2 Class Driver Quotes

Jim Goughary – First Place
“I was very concerned about the start. We have a lighter car with less torque. Last year, I got off to a bad start. I tried to anticipate and overcome that. For me, lying second after the first couple of corners, I felt great. But, being a little bit lighter it takes us a little bit longer to get heat in our tires. Mark [Boden] got away, but I wasn’t worried about it because I knew we were going to run significantly faster once we got the tires up to full temperature.

“He [Boden] drove a great race – no mistakes for the first half for sure. I was only catching him by fractions each lap. Finally, I got up to the point where he was worried about me. I was just hoping he’d make a mistake. I really didn’t see a way I could get by him cleanly without a mistake. I just tried to keep the pressure on and it worked out this year.”

Mark Boden – Second Place
“We had a good start, it was nice and clean. [At the start] I think everyone was trying to get some temperature in their tires and it looks like I went a little bit harder [than everyone else] in the beginning. That may have cost me in the end. But, I pushed real hard on the first lap and opened up a gap. I was running very comfortable, very fast lap times. You can’t get over confident in this group [GT2], especially with guys like Jim [Goughary].

“I was really working hard to keep him [Goughary] behind me. He had me driving in the rearview mirror. I was consistently missing my marks in Turn One, which I’m sure he got a view of. He put a lot of pressure on. My car was really having a hard time in Turn Six and I didn’t really have an opportunity to adjust to it because he was right there. When I got in there and spun, there really was nothing I could do. I gave it everything I had to get him at the end, but it wasn’t there. I ran my fastest lap on the very last lap. It was a great race.”

David Cormier – Third Place
“I knew it was going to be tough. I had four National Champions starting the race in front of me. Tom Patton, I knew he was going to be tough. I had a good battle with him. Pete Peterson, I’ve got some red paint on my car [from him]. I knew we were going to be quick. I didn’t expect to win it. I felt we would be in the fight, which we were. If we hadn’t been held up, we may have been able to get a bit closer. I don’t really think I had anything for these guys today. These guys [Goughary and Boden] were real good.”

FP Class Driver Quotes

Kevin Ruck – First Place

My goal from the start of the race, knowing that Steve had us covered so much in qualifying, I was third gear at the start and it jumped especially with the cool air today . The front wheel drive car and being heavier and with it being cool today it was going to help my brakes, tires and power. Goal was to suck up on Steve and just focus on him and know where he was going to go. Guys in the Miatas got in formation behind me. They caught up in the back of me. If I could get a good run on the corners – with the way my car runs, if you try to go late in the brakes and throw it in and musle it then you overwork it.If I flubbed up a corner these guys were right up on me.

Coming out of one he went inside and tried crossing back over to the right and I tried going down center if I did drive you off it wasn’t intentional.

[Sargis] never checked out so far that we couldn’t see him,” Ruck said. “I was looking up and thought ‘it looks like he’s a little closer.’ Then, coming through Five he was just at the top of the hill. Then, I looked ahead to Turn Eight expecting to see his car digging out of Turn Eight and it wasn’t. We came through the Kink and he just moved over. It took me about half a lap before I realized (I was in the lead) and I asked ‘how many laps are left?’

[Sargis] never checked out so far that we couldn’t see him. I was looking up and thought ‘it looks like he’s a little closer.’ Then, coming through Five he was just at the top of the hill. Then, I looked ahead to Turn Eight expecting to see his car digging out of Turn Eight and it wasn’t. We came through the Kink and he just moved over. It took me about half a lap before I realized (I was in the lead) and I asked ‘how many laps are left?’”

(On closing laps)
I was trying to concentrate on getting the best run onto the straightaways. Through One the Miata’s were better. The car did good through Fourteen and up the hill.

Rick Harris – Second Place

I really tried to get ahead of him but the Acura has some power. I tried to stick it in at one and then at three – but we just kept going. Early laps were extremely intense.

Eric and I went back and forth actually helping each other – Miatas line up real well – he has a different gear box and I know where he is faster and where I am faster. I just had to take it on the chin in a few corners but that was what I had to do. It was very unfortunate that Eric slid off the track like that and hit hard into the tires. Hope he’s alright.

Getting through the end of the race you have to fight the car to keep it going fast. Rear end was kinda coming around, but I was still good thru the kink. Its a National Championship and I had to take the risk to get the reward.

Bill Wessel – Third Place

From the start I fell back a few spots until the old girl cleared her throat. I think I made my way back to 5th and then from there on it was just some gifts that fell my way. I ran most all the way by myself.

My crew guy Bob let me know I think lap 9 or 10. I could see cars off at 12, first Kanard then Prill. I knew was marching up.

Misfortune this week broke a left front axle and had to go home about 2 hrs away. Luckily I got another caliper and back up here to qualify on Thursday.

FC Class Driver Quotes

Brian Tomasi – First Place
“I was pushing hard. Revere was going like crazy. I just had to do everything I could to stay with him. We were maintaining a nice two second gap between us the whole run. And, towards the end, he’d maybe have a little problem in one corner and I close up a little bit.

“Once I started to get in his draft, I could really close up. I had some good runs in Turn Three and I was able to make a run on him in Turn Five. I had the lead for a little while and I tried to see where I was stronger. I definitely had good runs on the back section [of the track]. It was a tough battle. I did not have communications with my pits so I did not know how many laps were left. I thought we were on the last lap when he was leading. Luckily, it wasn’t [the last lap]. I was able to make one more run on him and get the lead and hold him off for one more lap to win it.”

Revere Greist – Second Place
“Brian [Tomasi] drove a great race, congratulations to him for winning. And, of course, to Niki [Coello] for holding on to third place, it’s remarkable what he did without a rear wing.

“It was a clean race. As Brian said, I’d have a couple of good corners, get a little gap. He’d have a couple of corners and he’d come back up to me. We were really just sort of see-sawing back-and-forth for the whole race. He passed me. I got him back. It was really a close race the whole way. At the very end, my left front tire went down some. But, that takes nothing away from what Brian did. It was a fantastic drive.”

Niki Coello – Third Place
“I had some wing issues. It drastically slowed us down the straightaway until it fell off. I think the flap was either turned down or the end plate was pulled out because I was not seeing near the RPMs I did even on much warmer days than today.

“I tried to stay as close to them as I could because you never know what is going to happen. We could have a restart or something. Or they [Tomasi and Greist] could bump a little too hard. When the wing finally fell off, I just tried to keep third because it was really loose in the Kink and the Carousel. I tried to go as fast as I could without crashing and bring home the bronze.”

GT3 Class Driver Quotes

Mike Cyphert – First Place

The car was working very well. I think this is the fourth time we have had a full course yellow at the Runoffs. Two others I won, and two I didn’t. Hats off to Rob. I thought in the last lap at Canada Corner I got a run on him because he missed a shift, but just couldn’t hold him off. It just wasn’t meant to be. I guess next time I will have to peddle a little harder.

I had a few choice words to myself and shared them with the crew when the yellow flag came out. We need to keep safety in mind so you just need to live with it. That’s racing.

I have been racing with Rob for 24 years and we have never touched and it wasn’t going to happen this time.

Mike Henderson – Second Place

I got out just like I hoped I would. Sometime around the kink there was a backmarker, and he was right in the middle of the track so I picked the left side and he came over. I was in the grass trying to get by him and touched him. I actually thought I had a flat tire but it pinched off my exhaust. I got back out after the yellow and went on a charge after that.

I have been a beneficiary of two of these yellow flags [during previous Runoffs]. It gave me a chance to make up the better part of the lap and get to the end of the line. It got us into a position to try to pick up a couple more places.

Robert Warkocki – Third Place

I’m amazed! I’m waiting for my alarm to go off, I keep thinking I’m dreaming and I’m going to wake up and find out it’s not true. I’m still that little kid standing on the fence watching, I’m such a fan of this stuff. To get behind the wheel of a car and do it is just so exhilarating. To race with quality drivers like these two in GT3 who have really shown their talent is just a dream.

Another lap today and Mike would have been gone. I fell off the podium last year with one lap to go, and I made it my goal to be back here this year. I put a lot of effort into this. We do everything ourselves. Everything is homebuilt. This is just incredible.

Restart: This year we tuned the car differently. We had a lot more down force, but not as much straight line speed. It was slower in the straights but much better in the corners. On the restart, going into one I tucked behind Mike Cyphert.

SRF Class Driver Quotes

Brian Schofield – First Place
“It feels great, finally. I’ve worked hard at it. You know, we really focused to win this race and we finally got it done. We had some glitches earlier on in the week. We broke a suspension piece. We only really got one good qualifying lap, which was good enough for the pole. We still had more speed in the car. It scared me all week. I tried to stay off the curbs, even in the race. I knew I had more speed if I could use the curbs, but I was afraid to use them because of what happened earlier on in the week.

“In the race, I got scared there at the end. They were on the radio yelling that there was coolant and oil and I slowed up with two [laps] to go. These guys, they just came charging. They didn’t slow down going into Canda [Corner] and I knew I had to put in the best two laps of my life. I did that and brought it home.”

Scott Rettich – Second Place
“I did my best at the start. But, being on the outside really wasn’t the place to be. I’m pretty I fell back to sixth, but I was at the tail end of the lead draft. I spent a couple of laps staying in position in the lead draft. Then, I just kind of waited to make my move and get myself in a better position.

“I’m not exactly sure [how I got to second]. I think there was a little contact or a mistake and I went from fourth to second on the same lap. He spun on his own. I believe, that lap, I passed Marinangel late in the lap.”

Mike Miserendino – Third Place
“I had a great start. We were on the inside line. Brian was leading the way. I got on the gas with him [Schofield] and Dakota [Donovan] in the front and we made it to Turn One in third. It really was an awesome start and it helped me get right up in the thick of things right away.

“He [Schofield] was real tough to catch. I’d like to think I was making ground up on him. I don’t know. Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t. The car felt really good. Like I said earlier, I got shuffled out a little bit from second to, I believe, third or fourth at the wrong time. But, hey, that is Spec Racer racing. What are you going do? It was real tough to get back to him.

“I think Scott and I were pretty even. I caught [traffic] at the apex in the Kink, which is absolutely the wrong place. But, I don’t think I could’ve gotten around Scott [Rettich] anyway. I would’ve liked to have tried. But, hey, I don’t think I could’ve gotten there anyway.”

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