Johnson Contests Rallycross in Nitro Circus Ford Fairmont

Matthew Johnson Motorsport announced partnership with Nitro Circus and CheckPoint Racing to accompany his participation in the remaining rounds of RallyCar’s Rallycross championship in New Jersey on October 3rd and November 6th & 7th. RallyCar Rallycross is America’s newest motorsport and is modeled after the highly popular sport of European Rallycross – pitting multiple cars against each other wheel-to-wheel on a closed racing course of mixed gravel and tarmac.

“I’m stoked about this new platform for rally racing in the US,” said Matthew. “It’s an easier series to bring to television viewers – you can look at the screen and immediately tell who’s winning or losing and who’s crazy.”

Johnson, a repeat production class national rally champion and competitor at ESPN’s X Games in 2008 and 2009, usually rallies an all-wheel-drive Subaru. For the Rallycross, however, he made an unorthodox move to a two-wheel-drive 1978 Ford Fairmont. “Showing up in such a cool car with such cool sponsors means I’m gonna have a great weekend! These first three events are just a toe in the water kind of thing for most of us in the normal rally scene. It’ll be fun for us, plus the fans and viewers will get a great kick out of it. I’m eager to see how the 2011 Rallycross schedule develops as I’m planning to participate in that as well.”

Johnson’s Rallycross car is borrowed from Dave Blum, a friend he met at his first autocross in 1995. “Dave has quite a sense of humor. He has built a track car to go and run with Porsche’s and BMW’s out of a 1978 Ford Fairmont station wagon. He performs various projects in his daily routine at Apex Vintage in the triangle area of central North Carolina. Thank you Dave!”

The Nitro Circus Fairmont channels Matthew Johnson’s ability to both entertain and be a potent competitor. Johnson is thrilled to be a part of the Nitro Circus brand. “I’ve been good friends with Travis Pastrana and the Nitro crew for a few years now and this is a great opportunity to bring them in and have some fun. Nitro Circus is a state of mind, a willingness to go beyond normal barriers and do so with some raw athletic talent and a huge pile of guts.” The Rally America Store will carry Nitro Circus shirts and merchandise as a result of the partnership.

Checkpoint racing from Denver, Colorado is also supporting Johnson. Checkpoint racing has a full range of rally and racing gear such as suits, boots, gloves, fire systems and a full line of Sparco and Racetech seats. “Checkpoint racing has been a big supporter of rally events and the rally racers in the Colorado area for several years now. I’m pleased to have the opportunity to represent Mitch and his business in this new arena.”

Matthew Johnson Motorsport is supported by: Nitro Circus (, Checkpoint Racing (, Stickerdude Designs (, Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oil (, and Giant Bikes (


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