Four New Regional Rallies Joining RallyCar

RallyCar™, the premier U.S. rally racing sanctioning body, is proud to introduce four new 2011 Rally America Regional Rally events to be held in California, Texas, Nevada and Minnesota giving teams more competition options to choose from!

Mendocino Rally – Saturday, August 6th, 2011
After a 30 year hiatus, the Mendocino Rally located in the South Cow Mountain OHV Recreation Area in Northern California joins the 2011 Bilstein Southwest RallyCup Series. Originally run under the name “Mendocino Forest Rally” from 1975 – 1982 in Lucerne, CA, The Mendocino Rally was a grueling 223 stage mile race that has been won by rally legends, such as Rod Millen in a Mazda RX-7.

However, today’s Mendocino Rally organizers are building the event for grassroot competitors keeping “simple, fun and low cost” in mind. The event will include short transits during the one-day 50 mile event featuring smooth, twisty roads, which will be a good proving ground for beginner drivers and co-drivers. Headquarters will be situated in a moderately priced motel and pace notes will be included with the entry fee. Organizers will offer an optional morning recce and competition will take place in the afternoon leading into the evening, including a dinner break. Amenities are located nearby the service area.

The Mendocino Rally will also feature a number of non-cash awards for each class, in addition to “Most Improved, North South Challenge, and Fastest Fun Run” awards.

Rally Minnesota – May 20-21st, 2011
More rally racing options will be available for teams in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” with the debut of Rally Minnesota’s two co-efficient 3 events in May of 2011 centered around Park Rapids, MN. An organizing staff consisting of Chairman Mark Larson, Rallymaster Breon Nagy, and Marketing Manager Amanda Ingle are working feverishly to provide more details on roads and competition format.

“We want to build a safe and fun event that characterizes the ‘Press on Regardless’ mantra so prevalent in this sport. Minnesota is beautiful that time of year and we are positive our committee can deliver Minnesota’s best roads for an unforgettable experience,” said Mark Larson.

The Minnesota Rally will join the Central Regional Rally Championship alongside a growing list of MidWest events. Stay tuned as more details will follow in December.

Just for fun: Rally Minnesota is hosting a logo contest. More information can be found here:

Nocona Rally Stomp 1 & 2 – November 13th, 2011
Inspired by Southern Native American “Stomp Dances,” Rallye de Paris organizers are set to introduce Nocona Rally Stomp 1 & 2 at Nocona, TX’s inactive international airport. The two co-efficient 1 events will feature a combination of the airport’s service roads with custom roads built by the committee. The event also includes an airport strip one-car-at-a-time drag race.

Nocona Rally Stomp 1 & 2 will be a welcome addition to Fall racing as conditions are expected to be cool and dry. Organizer’s are also planning a two-pass recce and will offer a class to teach teams how to make their own notes.

“This will be a good opportunity for teams to practice note taking for other events offering recce,” said Richard Miller. “We hope that this event grows large enough so we can take advantage of some of the roads in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area.”

Noncona Rally Stomp 1 & 2 will join the Bilstein Southwest Regional RallyCup Series.

North Nevada Rally – June 17-18th

For years rally cars have graced the lands surrounding Reno, Nevada when the Reno Rally was in existence. Rally drivers never forgot those amazing roads after the last 2006 event and wished to return. Answering the call, seasoned rallyists Pete Soper and Michel Hoche-Mong formed the Great Basin Rally Group LLC and reintroduced the roads at the inaugural 2008 North Nevada Rally in Lovelock, NV and are working on their third year of operation.

Pete Soper is still in the final stages of planning the co-efficient 1 & 3 events and will have a schedule and announce a Rally America Regional Championship affiliation in the near future.

“These are largely the same roads that were used at the Reno Rally, so it’s nicely graded and maintained,” explained Soper, “The rally has great visibility with lots of elevation changes up and through the mountains.” Teams can expect a good event without having to worry about wrecking a car from rough conditions.

Be sure to check for more information.

Photo: Mike Proulx/World Rally Sport


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