In a post-season interview, Genoa Racing’s Business Director Thomas Knapp talks about the team’s inaugural season in the American Le Mans Series LMP Challenge class.

How was 2010 for Genoa Racing?
We absolutely made the right decision by joining the American Le Mans Series. When the Series announced the LMPC category, I/we recognized it as excellent value for money. From the beginning we knew that we had found a category that we loved. We intend on being here for the next two seasons. … This is a super cost-effective and competitive championship that everyone should be looking at.

Did the competition in LMPC meet your expectations?
With the assistance of Genoa’s Event Team Manager Mark Scott and Crew Chief Steve Reagan, we always knew that the LMPC class was going to be competitive.
The ALMS began the year with a conservative car count. We were told at the beginning of the year to expect at least four cars in the LMPC class, but the Series ran as many as eight at some races.

From the start, the competitiveness was apparent with the first three cars only tenths of a second apart from one another.

What were your favorite moments in 2010?
1. Laguna Seca. We finished in 2nd place with Tom Sutherland behind the wheel.
2. Mosport. Frankie Montecalvo finished third behind Luis Diaz, who was 2009’s P2 champion. This was Frankie’s first time at this track and had only two short days to prepare. To be only a half-second behind Diaz was quite an achievement.

How did teamwork play a role in your team’s success?
It was huge. We had only one pit lane penalty – a minor infraction at Sebring – otherwise we had no penalties for the season. Those type of things contribute to good racing results.
Give your thoughts about the ORECA-FLM09 during the entire nine-race schedule?
We had – other than an engine related issue at Elkhart – no mechanical problems with the ORECA-FLM09, and all of our drivers went the full-distance.

We competed in eight of the nine races. While we did not participate in the Salt Lake City race, we used that time to our advantage because we were able to talk about sharing driving duties with Christian Zugel.

What are your plans for 2011?
We hope to run two cars next season. That was our plan when we began the 2010 season – to be able to expand to a two-car team in Year Two.

source http://www.americanlemans.com

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