Dreyer & Reinbold Racing on Chrevolet return to INDYCAR


Indianapolis, IN (November 12, 2010) – Dreyer & Reinbold Racing is excited about new things to come in open-wheel racing. Today, the IZOD IndyCar Series made the announcement that there will be manufacturer competition in 2012 with Chevrolet’s return to the sport. This news is not only positive and exciting for IndyCar, but for DRR and their partners.

As Dreyer & Reinbold Racing embarks on their 12th year in racing, the announcement of manufacturer competition just shows how competitive the Series is and will help boost and create new opportunities for all that are involved. Chevrolet’s presence helps to elevate the competition level and will provide more excitement for the fans and sponsors.

DRR team owners, Dennis Reinbold and Robbie Buhl, are both happy about the return of manufacturer competition and Chevrolet and what this means for the Series and Dreyer & Reinbold Racing.

“This is a big day for IndyCar racing as we welcome Chevy back into the sport. It really shows how our momentum is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. We really look forward to things to come and are excited to be a part of IndyCar racing as it continues to grow,” commented Dreyer & Reinbold Racing Co-Owner, Dennis Reinbold.

Feeling the same is Buhl, “This is a great step for the IZOD IndyCar Series as it will help make our racing even more competitive and will create more excitement for the fans. With Chevrolet coming on board, they will bring significant marketing and activation resources to our Series. This is something that IndyCar has needed for a long time and I think it shows the positive direction that we are headed in.”

Dreyer & Reinbold Racing is thrilled about this new opportunity for the Series.

-source: drr

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