Look no further than the Spec Racer Atom series to fulfill your need for speed, excitement and wheel-to-wheel competition. TMI AutoTech, exclusive North American manufacturer of the Ariel Atom, together with Virginia International Raceway and VIR Club are pleased to announce the formation & launching of a unique & exciting new racing series that may forever change your perception of affordable, competitive, wheel-to-wheel racing!

Building on the incredible worldwide success of the Ariel Atom as an ultra-performance track-day car, the only next logical step is to transform it into a successful competition car.

With this in mind, a reworked platform has been designed & developed by TMI based off the thoroughbred Ariel Atom 3 production chassis. The result will provide each competitor with a safe, durable and highly cost effective spec racer. This will mark the first time that the amazing Ariel Atom has been specifically configured & built for competition use within an exclusive one-make series, anywhere in the world! And, like all North American Ariel Atom 3s, each of these SRA cars will be hand-built right here at TMI’s manufacturing facility in VIR’s Raceplex!!

And what better place to race your Spec Racer Atom than at one of the finest, & most challenging multi-configuration natural terrain road courses in North America – VIR Motorsports Resort!

What is the Spec Racer Atom Series?

Quite simply, it’ll be one of the most competitive and cost effective racing series to hit the track in many years! Here are some of the race format details:

· 10 races over 5 weekends

· 4 different & challenging VIR course configurations

· 25 minute sprint race format (2 races per weekend)

· 4 additional 25 minute practice sessions each day

· Designated Atom-only race group

· Points awarded & scored towards year-end championship (The Atom Cup)

· All events in 2011 will take place at Virginia International Raceway

· All racing governed by 13/13 etiquette

· Series to be administered by TMI AutoTech, in strict accordance with defined SRA preparation & competition rules (i.e., no allowable changes/additions of any kind except tire pressure and/or other parameters within the standard range(s) of inherent mechanical adjustability provided by as-delivered car)

· All on-track sessions to be sanctioned & operated by VIR / VIR Club

· Entry Fee is $210 per event

· Series sponsorship announcement pending

Spec Racer Atomwill provide you, the SRA owner/driver, a unique opportunity to develop and/or showcase your skills, along with other like-minded racers, behind the wheel of a new, purpose-built Ariel Atom. But very important in today’s world, it’ll also enable you to really keep your racing budget in real check!

Series Requirements

· 18+ years of age

· Pre-approval from VIR stewards and TMI series officials on driving experience and ability

· All new racers must be duly signed off prior to wheel-to-wheel competition

· TMI and/or VIR have the right to refuse entry to the series to anyone deemed unsafe or incapable

· Approved, flame resistant driving suit; approved driving shoes; approved driving gloves; curent, Snell-approved full-face safety helmet; HANS device; approved arm tethers

· All purchasers of SRA cars must agree & commit to compete (or arrange to have car compete) in not less than 70% of 2011 series events

· All SRA competitors must remain in good standing as VIR Club members

What is a Spec Racer Atom?

The TMI AutoTech SRA is a specifically race-modified version of the Ariel Atom 3. It comes equipped with everything that you need to race….but nothing that you don’t! The Ariel Atom recently celebrated its 10th year in limited production so it’s already a very well developed, well-proven design. The outright performance of an Ariel Atom is legendary, perhaps even iconic. Our SRA version focuses solely on overall performance, safety & durability as a race car. Reliability & affordability have remained paramount in our efforts to develop the new SRA car while also providing drivers with an easy to operate & maintain vehicle, in keeping with spec series competition parameters.

Highlights of the Spec Racer Atom

The detailed specifications of the SRA are under final development by TMI AutoTech. The following basic specs will apply and are being released on advanced basis. All SRA cars will be identical in every respect of their manufacture, assembly & equipment specifications. All cars to be dyno’d prior to delivery.

· Appropriately modified & reinforced chassis

· Full welded SRA-specific rollover protection

· Single (adjustable) aluminum road racing seat – passenger seat is only option available

· Power- to- weight ratio target: 7 lbs./HP

· 1.5+ lateral G’s capability

· Spec track brake package

· Spec DOT tires

· Initial standardized TMI race prep & setup

· All cars dynode prior to delivery

· All cars delivered track tested & ready to race

· Initial run of 10 cars to be built sequentially (approx. delivery date: April ’11)· Complete vehicle specifications to be released ASAP · Clients with receipted deposits have first right of refusal on initial vehicle builds

Why buy a Spec Racer Atom?

· Amazing & unique savings on ‘Founding Member’ SRA car purchases

· Very cost effective racing

· Direct factory support available

· Great progression from track days to wheel-to-wheel racing

· 6 months free SRA car storage at TMI AutoTech (VIR)

· VIR Club initiation included

· Great FUN! The Spec Racer Atom is sure to put a big smile on your face every time you take it onto the track!

Spec Racer Atom Purchase

Be 1 of the first 10 ‘Founding Members’ of the SRA series in 2011 and receive an incredible package of savings!

1) Founding Members pricing for their new SRA cars will not exceed: $32,000. – complete; race ready!!

Founding Member pricing will not be repeated or extended
Subsequent SRA pricing – TBD
2) Founding Member SRA car purchase includes 1st year VIR Club initiation fee (value $2,500.) N.B. – no cash value equivalent.

3) Founding Member SRA car purchase includes initial 6 months free storage at TMI. N.B. – no cash value equivalent

Terms of Purchase:

TMI is now accepting advanced deposits (@ $5,000/ea.)
Placing a deposit ensures your appropriate position within our initial SRA build queue
Deposit is fully refundable prior to finalization & communication of SRA build specs (please see prelim. specs listed below) & pricing, at which time deposit may be converted to progress payment #1 and is then non-refundable
Additional non-refundable progress payments:
To 50% of transaction price at chassis weld
To 75% of transaction price at start of assembly
To 100% of transaction price upon delivery

About VIRginia International Raceway
VIRginia International Raceway is a multi-purpose road racing facility, located on the Dan River between Danville and South Boston, Virginia. VIR hosts a wide range of professional and amateur auto and motorcycle racing and track events, and is well established as “America’s Motorsport Resort.” For further information, call 434-822-7700 or visit our web site at To subscribe to our newsletter or to follow us on or visit

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