Taylor Brothers Visit Italy for Intensive Training Program

VIAREGGIO, Italy – Daytona Prototype driver Ricky Taylor is filing a daily blog for SPEED.com throughout his 10-day visit to Italy to participate in “Formula Medicine” with his brother Jordan. Click here for the full entry.

Hello from Viareggio, Italy! First of all, I’ll let you know a little of what is going to be happening while Jordan and I are in Italy. We flew into Bologna, Italy, so we could go and visit my SunTrust Racing co-driver, Max Angelelli, and his family.

Then he brought us to Viareggio, which is where we will spend most of our time. The main purpose of our 10-day trip to Italy is to go for the Formula Medicine driver training facility for a variety of physical tests, classes, training and evaluations. Formula Medicine was created and is still owned by Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli, who has been involved with driver training in Formula 1 for more than 20 years.

He’s supported nine F1 teams and 60 F1 drivers. They specialize in the medical, mental and athletic aspects of motorsports. While we are here, they will do many medical tests, covering body composition to blood tests to the volume of our hearts. They will also do mental tests, such as reaction tests, concentration tests, lie detector tests, visual coordination tests and many more. The last section of our program is athletic evaluation, where we will do strength testing, a max VO2 (oxygen volume) test, endurance tests and others.

In today’s blog, I’ll recap today’s journey and, more specifically, Max’s house. Firstly, we landed in Bologna, which is Max’s hometown, so he picked Jordan and I up from the airport and took us straight to his house in the town of Monteveglio. Before going to his house, we stopped at his workshop, which is a 10-minute drive from his house. The workshop looked like it was meant for a race team. There are beautifully painted floors, toolboxes better than the DP team’s, a full lift for his family cars, and his Porsche GT3 RS that he races his friends with.

Max uses the workshop for maintaining the family cars and the tractors he uses for maintaining his property, which I will get to later. Also in the workshop, he has about five or six cabinets that are filled with every race report, every lap time chart, every press release, and every magazine that he has been mentioned in, and these had all been collected by his father. As well as the paperwork, he also has every racing suit he has ever worn, and every helmet since 1986.

Finally, we were off to the “Casa di Angelelli,” where we would meet his parents and say hello to his lovely wife Manuela, and their sons Samuele and Emanuele. We got the tour of the house from Max, which was very cool to see where all of the real business happens, and then for a tour of his property. His house is a very Italian house with a lot of character, and it had a great family feel. Downstairs is the game room with a pool table, foosball table, and his collection of U.S. license plates, which represents every state.

The mountain that they live on is divided into four pieces and Max’s property is one of the four, so there is a lot of land and many trees. Max is responsible for cutting down trees, mowing the grass and making some roads that go up the mountain. When Max is home, he has a lot of work to do, so he has two tractors – one for winter and one for summer. He does this so that during winter he can take the summer tractor to his workshop to service and maintain it, and then he does the same thing with the winter tractor during the summer. He has countless attachments and tools for the tractors to perform any landscaping project that needs to be done.

After seeing Max’s house, we came to the city of Viareggio, which is where Formula Medicine is located. We ate dinner and got some sleep because day one of training and evaluations is going to be tough. A lot will be happening here in Italy, and I’ll continue to send updates through the weekend.

source http://www.grand-am.com

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